We’re here to help you find whatever you want and easily explain the checkout process in a simple way.

1-      Finding what you are looking for:

  • The first thing you will always find when you open HomeWagon is the search bar, it is the easiest and quickest way to reach what you are looking for. Within the search bar you will find our categories so you can search in each category if you know where the product is.

  • While searching for a product in the search bar you will find some related products so you may find what you are looking for easily within the suggestions.

2-      Not sure what you are looking for?

  • if you don’t know the product name then you can use the categories on the top of the website and then browse to subcategories then browse our products.

3-      Do you want to know more about renovating, building or the best ways of using a product?

  • Go to our blogs section to read more articles brought to you from experts and professionals in the field.

4-      Checking out:

  • After adding the products you want to order to your cart it’s time to go to your checkout page and complete the purchasing process. Read our FAQ’s to know more about finishing the checkout process, if you have a coupon then you can apply the coupon code in the discount code box below the cart products.

5-      Want to know more about our offers?

You have several ways to know more about our offers and discounts:

  • Go to our offers zone to explore our newly updated offers and discounts.

  • Subscribe to our Newsletter so you can receive emails about our new products, offers, discounts and customized packages.

  • Check our homepage regularly to know more about offers and discounts.  The homepage will not always include everything but it will redirect you to the desired section.

  • Follow us on our social media pages to know more about the offers we have.

6-      Interested in using your mobile?

  • Download our mobile application which is available on Apple and Play store to easily browse and purchase our wide range of products.

7-      Returning your product?

  • If you want to return the product back, read our article about returning back products in the FAQ’s section.