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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of ordering Home Cinema with HomeWagon?
It's easy and simple: We'll take room measurements. Confirm and settle the payment online. Set an installation date.
In how many days I will get installation?
Installation time from 5 to 15 days
What is the minimum room size ?
Room 3 x 3 metres
What is the process for Sound Insulation ? and how much it cost?
According to the required insulation ratio for the room from 30% to 90%, and the price per square meter includes installation.


I was looking for my dream to have Home Cinema at my house, and I came to know about HomeWagon. They are the best team, no words to describe the workmanship, and neatness. I would recommend to buy and get installed Home Cinema through HomeWagon only.


I was not comfortable to buy theatre online before, but I checked HomeWagon, they are excellent in everything, delivery, installation, quality, specially projector and sound insulation. Thank you HomeWagon


I decided to change my Diwaniya to Home Cinema, I found HomeWagon and they are the best. They did everything for me, the complete Home Cinema. Flooring, sound insulator, lightening, the extremely clean & quick installation.Really Thank you HomeWagon.